Evaluation should be built into a project from the very start, not just carried out at the end.  The costs, the methods of collecting the information and the measures of success need to be thought through at the beginning.

Even better, involve the people involved in the project to set the indicators of what makes the project a success.  Evaluation should be an ongoing process that enables information to be fed back into planning throughout the life of the project and allows change to take place.

Ann has carried out a number of project evaluations, some throughout the life of a project which has allowed the opportunity for people using the service to set the indicators for measuring success, but more often at the end of a project.  She tries to work in a way that will ensure that all voices are heard and that results are fed back in a constructive manner so that any issues can be acted upon.

Project evaluations undertaken by Ann include:

  • Advice North Lincolnshire
  • Westcliff Drop-in Centre, Scunthorpe
  • Active Communities, North Yorkshire
  • MOVE project in Lincolnshire (with Rose Regeneration)
  • Bounceback project (with Rose Regeneration)
  • Ex Forces Support for Community First Yorkshire (with Rose Regeneration)
  • Yorkshire Coast Community Led Development (with Rose Regeneration).