Our clients’ privacy is very important to us so we cannot give full details of a lot of them but here are some examples of some of the contracts we can tell you about:


North East Lincolnshire Council - preparation of Local Development Strategy for bid for Community Led Local Development - with Rose Regeneration

Plunkett Foundation - Ann is both specialist and community adviser to groups interested in owning their local pub or shop

North Yorkshire and York Forum – research project into the nature and needs of BME communities in North Yorkshire

Community Matters Yorkshire – providing community development consultancy and prelimiary consultation on a community well-being project in Wetherby. 

Community Matters Yorkshire- preparation of research report on impact of lockdown on community buildings.

Development Education Centre South Yorkshire - strategy planning day

Withernsea Big Local- working with the Big Local Steering Group to develop a legacy statement and plans for spending the remainder of their £1 million. 

North Yorkshire County Council - a pice of work on developing an effective voice for older people across the county.

Lincolnshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership - preparing and delivering a plan for the Integrated Volunteering Approaches Programme

Community Matters Yorkshire - preparation of a research report on the impact of lockdown on community buildings. You can read the report here

Lincolnshire Centres for Voluntary Service - evaluation of the MOVE BBO employability project across Greater Lincolnshire, with Rose Regeneration

Yorkshire Coast CLLC- evaluation of programme (with Rose Regeneration).

Voluntary Sector Studies Network - provision of executive officer role.

Keadby with Althorpe PCC - support with capital project development of church hall.

'K' Community Project - we set up a local community education project as a company and a charity, and provided the trustees with training to enable them to fulfil their role. We have performed this service for a number of organisations, including an AIDS support charity, a local food and agriculture project, a group setting up to run local playing fields and a social enterprise for young people.

'N' Playing Fields Charity - assisting a playing fields charity to reorganise so as to delegate running of the various parts of the complex to local groups. This included obtaining an amendment to the Charity Commission scheme setting up the charity in order to allow them to do what they wished, and also preparation of four separate long term leases for the subsidiary groups. There was also an initial evaluation of the proposals and negotiations with the subsidiary groups.

'P' Local Hub Charity - assisting a local charity to seek to retain a closed school for the benefit of its community, rather than permitting it to be absorbed by the local Diocese.