We are proud to provide a service tailored to our clients' needs.  Here are just some of the comments that our clients have made about us:


Thank you for an excellent day, much appreciated by all.  First thing that was said to me at lunchtime was this is very well facilitated!  As I read all the course evaluations and know that of the three of them she is one who is absolutely outstanding, this is praise indeed.  Trustee - Development Education Centre, South Yorkshire

I wanted to thank you both for your support and rigor yesterday.  I appreciate that this was not an easy visit for anyone and felt that you chaired and facilitated the meetings with such skill and expertise.  This was very much appreciated by myself and the team.  Julie Rippingale Hull University

Your support was immense and achieved what we could not - that some accountability had to be taken! Gillian Hughes Hull University

Thank you very much Ann and Alan for your excellent advice.  Lucy and I really liked your calm approach to handling the meeting.  Helmsley Recreational Charity

Thank you for a  most useful – and encouraging – workshop yesterday.  It was seamless and absorbing and worked with people with quite a range of interests and experience of asset transfer. We appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the preparation and your openness to talking about your practice. Shirley Otto MDN course attendee

"Thanks to all who helped including Ann Hindley who worked very hard at preparing and submitting the bid"  Chris Parkin, Helmsley Swimming Pool

"Ann - we would like to thank you for organizing a most interesting and enjoyable afternoon. It has given us much food for thought."  Bernard Peel, Glusburn Community and Art Centre

 "Now that time allows and I have almost caught up it is well past the time for me to say thank you.  I dread to think where we would be now if I had been left in charge!  Seriously your undoubted skills both people and professional are exactly what was needed to move the project on, so thank you again."  Chris Parkin, Helmsley Recreational Charity

"Just to say Ann has been absolutely brilliant."  Mandy Johnson, Chief Executive, Lincoln & Lindsey Blind Society

“We have worked with Ann Hindley on previous occasions and have always valued her proactive and efficient way of coming alongside our team to facilitate change.  This support included work with trustees as well as with the staff team and this was achieved thanks to a flexible approach and sensitivity to fitting in with other priorities”  I. Cloke – Furnival Burngreave Community Project

“On behalf of the Village Hall Committee I would like to thank you for all the time and work you have put into obtaining our lease for the Village Hall.  Without your perseverance and patience I do not think we would have been successful” A recent client

“Thank you for everything you did to help us with legal advice and your assistance with dealing with exit strategies.  Your service has been outstanding and very gratefully received and appreciated”  A client in Barnsley 

"We too have no reservations coming to you in whatever capacity you work.  Our past experience tells us we're in safe and supportive hands"  A client in Barnsley

“Ann is superb in that she is so supportive and provides a great boost to our confidence in running a very large centre” Glusburn Institute

“I would like to thank you for your help in getting us this far.  You have kept us on the straight and narrow and your input has been invaluable” A recent client in Goole

"Thank you Alan for spending the time to so patiently explain the details and help us through what was to us a bit of a minefield" A recent Lasting Power of Attorney client in Doncaster. 

"This is an impressive document and a worthy product of our work over two years.  I reckon it will be a document which every other Big Local area will want to read and learn from.  I can't see how it could fail to impress the Lottery".  Member of the Steering Group of Winterton 2022 commenting on work carried out by Ann on their community plan

"Well I think that plan is fantastic!  I can see areas where it can grow if the demand is there and areas where there is room for a change of direction if necessary, but for a start I think it's very nearly perfect!"  Carol Thornton of Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire commenting on work done on the Winterton 2022 Community Plan

 Dear Ann, Thank you so much for the information that you provided to me. It is very helpful.  To be honest since I knew you every email that I received and I will receive it is helpful and means a lot to me.  I am  proud to say you are the light  and excellent advisor god bless you.

Again I want to express gratitude for all the work that you both put in and for achieving the result we wanted! Recent client in Doncaster setting up charity with links to Rio de Janeiro. 



Training Courses

“A first class lecturer and course – one of the best I’ve attended” Attendant at an Elderly Client Update Course presented by Alan

“The most influential and most effective presenter that I have encountered in 25 years in the law” A senior partner in a firm of solicitors in the North East of England

"Fantastic course - best one I've attended in a while"  Attendant at a course presented by Alan

“…the course was excellent… [we] were very impressed by your training style” Staff members at Local Government Ombudsman’s Office

“I have attended Alan’s courses for many years.  They are always excellent.  Alan is an extremely knowledgeable and articulate speaker, able to adapt his courses to the requirements of the attendees”  Attendant at a course presented by Alan 

"Speaker was very knowledgable and happy to comment on actual cases mentioned by delegates.  Good knowledge of subject matter and able to put law over clearly"  Attendant at a course presented by Alan

"Great course, Alan made the information sink in" Attendant at a course presented by Alan

"Alan gave an informative and interesting presentation, very lively!  Interesting examples" Attendant at a course presented by Alan


Our CIO training event

“PowerPoint good.  Materials good.  Presenters very friendly and approachable”

“Really well-paced informative session”

“It helped me understand the CIO and I felt others had similar opinions”

“I’ve learnt a lot on this subject”

 11/12 described the event as useful and 9/12 described it as interesting


Our ‘Localism Six Months On…’ training event

“Factual, easy to understand information/directions”

9/10 described the event as both useful and interesting with 8/10 describing the event as friendly.


Comments from Alan's Open University students

"Fantastic tutor who gave excellent constructive guidance and feedback and kept the subject interesting"

"I felt my tutor was available when needed and provided feedback which helped"

"Alan was very knowledgeable on the subject and during tutorials he helped me understand further.  Feedback was also really useful and he helped me develop my work into something I was proud of.  His encouragement and humour helped to motivate me during my studies and make it an enjoyable experience"

"He was definitely very learned and had practical experience; I think it helps to have a tutor who works in the field.  This way practical help can be offered regarding placements and the real working world.  His knowledge on all legislative matters was great; wish I could have learned more from him.  His comments on TMAs were very good and the fact he added humour was much appreciated"

"I found Alan's style of teaching interesting.  I found that the passion he has for the law assisted my understanding and gave me the willingness to engage in the subject area.  He was approachable and only too helpful in getting us, as students, to understand the legal framework which exists in assisting our learning as potential social workers"

"I found Alan to be extremely knowledgeable throughout the course and was excellent in regards to offering revision tools for the exam.  I enjoyed every session with Alan as he really knows his stuff"

"Thanks Alan for all your help and support during the academic year, it's been a pleasure being in your tutorial group"

"Thanks so much for the support you gave us, I wouldn't have been able to get that result without your help"