Help with Governance

Given the amount of law with which charities need to comply, it is perhaps hardly surprising that some struggle to cope. There are the annual requirements of the Charity Commission to file returns, reports and accounts, with the risk of being labelled as 'late' on the Charity Commission website. There is the need to comply with the Charities Act as to what you can do within your constitution, who you can get to do it, and whether you can pay them.

If you are also a company, you have to comply with Companies House deadlines as well - with an additional risk of having to pay a penalty if you get it wrong.

If you employ staff, the whole range of employment law imposes lots more requirements, with the attendant risks of unfair dismissal and discrimination claims in tribunals, and possible large pay-outs.

Help is at hand. Cross Keys Associates can ensure that you navigate your way safely though the minefield, leaving you free to concentrate on what you want to do - to raise money for your chosen cause and to spend it for the benefit of the public.